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Entrepreneur Social Entrepreneur. Calgary Flames fan. Calgary Stampeders fan. Supports conscious capitalism.Progressive conservative( supports sin taxes, low taxes and laissez-faire economy). Former rap fan. Now listens to gospel and country. Believes in volunteering and community service as agents of developmental change. A lot of my time goes into community service, reading, encouraging people and most importantly God’s business. Loves culture , business start-ups and politics of both my home and adopted countries. This is my blog. The opinions and thoughts in my article are mine and I make no mistakes for having them. You may also find articles, news or opinions of others that I agree with or love to keep. More information about my professional background and interests available on my LinkedIn page.

Empowering women helps the society

In this exclusive interview, Financial Nigeria Columnist and Executive Director, Samuel Olutuyi Foundation, Olajide Olutuyi, discusses the areas of activities and interventions of the foundation and their broad impacts so far. He spoke to Managing Editor, Financial Nigeria Magazine, Jide … Continue reading

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Covid-19 lays bare Nigeria’s economic and social fabrics

The Covid-19 pandemic has further exposed the fundamental weaknesses in Nigeria’s socio-economic fabric. While it is still too early to determine how much havoc the pandemic would wreak in terms of the actual contraction in Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth … Continue reading

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African entrepreneurship is not a “hype”

Sometime in January, former presidential candidate of the now-deregistered Abundant Nigeria Renewal Party (ANRP), Tope Fasua, posted an article on his social media page. Fasua, who is my good friend, titled the article, “Africa and the Entrepreneurship Hype.” Upon reading … Continue reading

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Insurance can foster social order in Nigeria

I am taking a break this month from my series on “Tasking Nigerian Government Agencies to Improve Performance” to write on something that has plagued my mind for a while.        On June 28, 2018, a tanker, fully … Continue reading

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I Left My Job At Google And Started My Own Business — Here’s The Truth About Entrepreneurship.

Exactly one year ago I resigned from my role at Google. As much as I loved my time there, my decision came down to this: I was way too deep into my comfort zone. Life was just too easy — … Continue reading

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Are you Ready to Start a Business?

Tired of working your regular 9 to 5? Ready to become your own boss? As of 2015, the U.S. was home to more than 25 million entrepreneurs. But make no mistake: the road to entrepreneurship is a winding, labyrinth of … Continue reading

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Tasking Nigerian government agencies to improve performance – Part 2

The second part of this series, which I started in the October edition of this publication, highlighting some important government agencies in Nigeria will continue in this edition. Many government agencies have not delivered on their constitutional responsibilities and their … Continue reading

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Tasking Nigerian government agencies to improve performance – Part 1

In a recent conversation with a group of friends, I posited that although we may all agree that the buck stops at the desk of the President of the country or the Governor of a state, many government agencies in … Continue reading

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Nigerian start-ups need government support

In my column in the May 2019 edition of this publication, I posited that entrepreneurship education (EE) and government support for start-ups are key factors that have set the United States and China apart as the world’s entrepreneurial powers. Government … Continue reading

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Top Startups 2019: The 25 hottest Canadian companies to work for now

The 2019 LinkedIn Top Startups list reveals the 25 hottest companies where Canadians want to work now. With the 2nd annual Top Startups ranking, we uncover the breakout companies commanding professionals’ attention today: the ones that are growing massively, scrambling … Continue reading

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