Twelve Nuggets for the African Youth.

The future of the Africa continent belongs to the youths. The youths will define the direction of their lives as well as the direction of the continent.

It is in this light that I have outlined here what I think the African youth can do in 2016 and onward to take charge of their lives as contribute to developing the continent.

  1. Stay away from negative and retrogressive company as well as environment. True success is only guaranteed through optimism and  work be it hard work or “smart work”.
  2. Your success does not depend on political inclination, while it is very important to participate and engage in the political process of your different countries, spending too much time on political discourse does not do you any good except of course you are a paid political analyst or commentator.
  3. Turn your passion into money making venture. Whatever you love, research and see how you can make a success of it.
  4. The myriad of problems affecting the continent today cannot be solved by government alone; everyone must do its part. Social enterprises are a new way of doing this. The good thing is, it can be structured as for profit social enterprise that tackles social problems. Look around you there are lots of social problems that you can use your own social enterprise to solve. Find one today. Click here to read more on social enterprise.
  5. Become an Afropreneur. Whether you are in Africa or diaspora research and start an African focused business venture that will generate revenue for you as well as provide employment for others. I wrote earlier about the opportunities for Afropreneurs in Africa and how they can help develop the continent economically. You can read it here HERE.
  6. Manage your time wisely. Time is a very valuable currency, don’t waste it. You can only master what you do every day. Stop wasting valuable time on frivolous exercise. It takes discipline to do this and it takes discipline to be successful. There are lots of distractions around us today and only the most disciplined will stay focused. How much is your tie with per hour? You should be able to answer this
  7. Stay focused on your goals. There is power in staying focused. Like I mentioned earlier, there are lots of distractions begging for our attention. Only the focused will achieve their goals.  You may gain one or two from  THIS on staying focused that I penned in 2008
  8. If you are unemployed or need a second income to supplement what you earn try agribusiness. Feed the nation by feeding one family or one street at a time. The farmer is king. Yes farming is not your get quick rich business but it’s very rewarding and sustainable if you can stay on it. The huge opportunities in agriculture should not be left to foreigners.
  9. Innovate something. Every area of our lives in Africa is begging for innovation. Look for something to innovate. Disrupt our old ways of doing things. To achieve this, you need quietness. You need to get out of the crowd and the noise. Innovation doesn’t come from a distracted and noisy mind.
  10. Become a nation builder. Nations are not built by politicians only. Start building your country from your circle of influence. Andrew Carnegie, an American industrialist was never a politician but built 3000 public libraries in America as part of his philanthropic efforts. Rosa Parks, an America civil rights activist was never a politician but stood up for her rights and that changed America. Government alone will not build the nation but as a citizen you can complement government’s effort.
  11. Focus on your local politics. So many efforts is being channeled towards national or federal government of your respective countries , the youths should begin to ask more question from the local politicians, know the laws that govern your local communities and keep the local politicians on their toes. The local ones end up becoming the national ones. Teach them how to answer to you NOW.
  12. Read more books. Ralph Waldo Emerson said,” If we encounter a man with rare intellect we should ask him what books he reads”. Books enlarge your mind as well as your insights.  Read books on areas that interest you or areas you want to know more about. For starters I recommend these three books to the African youth. ‘China’s Second Continent’ by Howard W. French , ‘The Next Africa’ by Jake Bright and Aubrey Hruby and ‘Will Africa Feed China’ by Deborah Brautigam . These three books will change your views about your continent .They will inspire you to do more for the continent.


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Will Africa Feed


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