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Those Who Will Chart a Course for Buhari

Behold the men and women who will chart the course for the government of General Muhammadu Buhari, who assumes office on May 29. These men, made up of a blend of old and new generation, were chosen after weeks of … Continue reading

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Alibaba may be taking on Amazon in another key category

The Chinese e-commerce giant announced on Wednesday that its cloud computing business, Aliyun, is entering the U.S. market with a new data center located in Silicon Valley. “Now, Aliyun hopes to meet the needs of Chinese enterprises in the United … Continue reading

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One of my distant mentors, John Maxwell wrote a book on thinking years ago. I was one of those impacted by that book. The book, “Thinking for a Change” made me realise how hard thinking is. Thinking makes a lot … Continue reading

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The Cloud Could Be Your Best Security Bet- Ron Miller

Conventional IT wisdom says that you’re safer and more secure when you control your own on-premises datacenter. Yet if you think about every major data breach over the last two years, whether Anthem, Sony, JPMorgan or Target, all involved on-premises datacenters, … Continue reading

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Leadership Lessons from Ruth- John C. Maxwell

Last week, I shared an excerpt from my newest book, Wisdom from Women in the Bible. I’m so excited about this book, because it represents my heart for the Biblical principles of leadership. The excerpt was from the story of … Continue reading

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Tracking our online trackers- Gary Kovacs

I don’t know why, but I’m continually amazed to think that two and a half billion of us around the world are connected to each other through the Internet and that at any point in time more than 30 percent … Continue reading

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